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ANDSF Fighting Against 20 Terrorist Groups Across The Country; Governmental Officials: Commentary

Kabul (BNA) Ashraf Ghani the president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in clear message to whom who do not want peace has said that we have strong intention for victory in this imposed war and let not a number of mercenaries to threat a nation to extermination. BNA political ...

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Seventeen Armed Taliban Perished

Paroon City (BNA) 17 Taliban fighters were killed during recent conflicts with Afghan security troops in eastern Nooristan province the other day. Senior commander of border police in the east of the country reported BNA, 17 Taliban insurgents were killed during the conflicts. The Taliban members after passing During Line ...

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Taliban Commander With His Seven Members Killed

Maimana City (BNA) At least 8 Taliban insurgents including their commander were killed in recent clashes with Afghan security personnel in northern Faryab province. Commander of local police in Faryab told BNA, the clashes occurred while, a group of Taliban riding vehicle shooting on Afghan National Army convey in Almar ...

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37 ISIS Fighters Include 3 Suicide Attackers Killed In Nangarhar

Jalalabad City (BNA) Including three suicide attackers 37 ISIS loyalists were killed when they carried out attacks on Afghan security forces’ checkpoints in eastern Nangarhar province. Press office of 201 Sylab army corps sending a written letter stated BNA, the militants with launching the attacks wanted to capture security shells, ...

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Explosions Took Place, Gunfire Ongoing In Kabul City

Kabul (BNA) Two explosions were reported close to Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan hospital, Kabul city at 9:00 am this morning. An explosion took place in front of the hospital’ gate and another heard inside the hospital. Several attackers were entered inside the hospital and now the area besieged by Afghan ...

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Counter-Terrorist Operation Leaves 32 Rebels Dead, Hurt 41 Others

Farah City (BNA) 32 anti-government militias were perished and 41 others were injured during counter-terrorism operation carried out by Afghan security forces in restive areas of western Farah province. Abdul Marouf Folad security commander of Farah told BNA correspondent, since starting the operation more than 32 armed oppositions were killed, ...

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Sticky Mine Blast Feared Casualty In Kabul City

Kabul (BNA) Driver of a vehicle lost his life due to sticky mine explosion in sixth precinct of Kabul city this morning. According to BNA reporter, the incident took place at 8:00 am when a magnetic mine placed in a vehicle type of Frouner in Darul-e-Aman region, Kabul city. The ...

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60 Armed Oppositions Killed, Wounded Due To ANP Operations

Kabul (BNA) Nearly 30 anti-government militias were killed and 30 others were wounded during mopping-up operations conducted by Afghan National Police (ANP) in six provinces of the country within the past 24 hours. Ministry of Interior press office told BNA, the operations were conducted to suppress armed rebels and protect ...

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200 Daesh Loyalists Killed In Nangarhar Operations

Jalalabad (BNA) More than 200 Daesh fighters were killed in military operations conducted by security troops in Nangarhar province. The fighters were targeted during recent three days in Kot and Dehbala districts. The operation was launched under the code name of Shaheen 20 with support of air forces. An ANA ...

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