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The Kabul Times – Afghan women handicrafts need govt. support – One Stop For All Afghanistan Latest News

The Kabul Times Afghan Women Handicrafts Need Govt Support One Stop For All Afghanistan Latest News

 Recently, women have achieved much success on handicrafts’ production, but they ask for the government support to further improve their activities. Sana production project chairwoman, Roya said, “We are running a small project names ‘Sana’, aims to produce nine types of productions such as jam, pickle, etc.” The project is ...

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The Kabul Times – Youth & their hidden talents – One Stop For All Afghanistan Latest News

The Kabul Times Youth Their Hidden Talents One Stop For All Afghanistan Latest News

 A number of Afghan youth enjoys visible talents in different art sections, but due to economic problems, they cannot prove themselves.  In fact, if they try their best and make impossible to possible, they can surely show their talents to people.  A Ghulam Mohammad Maimanagi Art Gallery Department’s graduate, Hasibullah ...

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Spiritual Art – One Stop For All Afghanistan Latest News

Spiritual Art One Stop For All Afghanistan Latest News

By: Gul Rahman Rahmani The teacher told me: Don’t take pride in appearance, beauty, health and body structure; perhaps you have a nice body, bright face, nice color and other features that distinguish you from others…but it’s not your art, it is the art of your Gods creation. Maybe you look handsome in your ...

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The doctor – News WordPress theme – One Stop For All Afghanistan Latest News

By:Gul rahman rahmani Translated by: Noor Rahman The specialist of psychology heard all declarations of a psyche patient and then started his directions and advises to him, after half an hour he looked at the clock, it was 9:00 o’clock, he told the patient. Now, I am moving for the ...

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The Kabul Times – Patriotism – One Stop For All Afghanistan Latest News

 When I was a child once I asked my father that what patriotism was. “Humanity” He said. The next day I got a big red cross on humanity on my notebook, my teacher told me that I had written a totally different and opposite meaning. It was unexpected. I believed ...

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RSF Opens First Center For Protection Of Afghan Women Journalists

Kabul (BNA) On the eve of International Women’s Day, Reporters without Borders (RSF) announced opening of Afghanistan’s first center for the protection of women journalists here during a gathering yesterday. The gathering which was attended by Shah Hussain Mortazawi, deputy spokesperson of the president, Zohra Yousof, adviser to First Lady ...

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Prof. Bavari Appointed Acting MoIC

Kabul (BNA) Prof. Mohammad Rassoul Bavari, deputy to the cultural affairs of the ministry of information and culture appointed as acting MoIC, under the presidential approval, said Bakhtar News Agency the other day. According to the agency, Bavari was said to continue his work as deputy to the cultural affairs, ...

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National Session of Access To Information Held

Kabul (BNA) A session under theme of ‘Access to Information’ held meeting at the government media center on Tuesday, Bakhtar News Agency (BNA) reported. The session was held by Journalists’ National Union and the Supervision Commission on Today’s Information, aiming to tighten relations among media and the government spokespersons, according ...

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Dr. Sadat Instructs Ghazni DoIC To Take Firm Step For Nawroz Celebration

Kabul (BNA) Deputy Minister of Youth Affairs for Ministry of Information and Culture, Dr. Kamal Sadat emphasized on solving of Ghazni Directorate of Information and Culture (DoIC) during a video conference with its officials and employees, BNA reported. According to the agency, in the session which was also attended by ...

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