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Journalist gunned down in Kandahar – One Stop For All Afghanistan Latest News

Journalist gunned down in Kandahar – Afghanistan TimesAfghanistan Times


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Journalist gunned down in Kandahar

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By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: An Afghan journalist was shot dead by unidentified gunmen in southern Kandahar province on Wednesday morning, said provincial officials.

“Two unknown gunmen rolling a motor cycle opened fire on 30-year-old Abdul Manan Arghand in the morning and killed him in Kandahar city,” said Kandahar Police Spokesman Ziad Durani.

He said that the shooters fled the area after opening fire on Abdul Manan – who worked for Kabul News local TV and had no link with the government.

Chief Executive Officer of Nai-Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan Mujeeb Khelwatgar said this was the first killing of a journalist this year. Kandahar security officials have said that the Taliban had warned to target journalists in that province with the onset of their spring operations. Khelwatgar called upon the security officials to protect journalists.

In a statement issued by Presidential Palace, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani strongly condemned the killing of the journalist in Kandahar. Expressing condolenceswith the victim’s family, the president said that Taliban didn’t want their atrocities and crimes reflected and kill journaliststo mar freedom of speech. “But they are wrong and they won’t be able to undermine the freedom of speech.

According to Naireports,as many as 21 journalists and media staffs were killed in 2017.

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