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The Kabul Times – Pakistan future destiny depends upon report of UNSC delegation – One Stop For All Afghanistan Latest News

Pakistan future destiny depends upon report of UNSC delegation

 A delegation of UNSC consisting of Kazakhstan ambassador at the UN who is undertaking alternate chairmanship of SC meetings as well as the US ambassador at the UN Nikki Haley, had arrived in Kabul on Saturday.

The delegation negotiated with leaders of the Afghan government on war on terror and solutions to end war in Afghanistan. Afghanistan had already complained to UNSC on Pakistan rocket attacks into Afghanistan and sheltering of terrorists inside its soil. Kazakhstan representative at the UN who holds alternate chairmanship of UNSC sessions, had said  that would insert Afghanistan issue at the top of his plans, because its very important to members of the UNSC to get update and authentic information on current situation of Afghanistan.

It has been said that last week two Afghan students in Kazakhstan had asked Kazakhstan who is holding alternate chairmanship of the UNSC meetings, to concentrate serious attention to war and peace issue in Afghanistan.

The UNSC had sent a delegation to Kabul to evaluate situation from close. The UNSC had prior to this asked member states not to give shelter to terrorists groups including Al-qaeda, drain their financial springs, and stop their activities in their territories.

But some UN members ignored and underestimated SC demand. Pakistan has not only sheltered Taliban and Haqqani network but its army acts as ally of Taliban. Taliban have established in Pakistan military training centers, aid raising locations, terrorists and suicide attacks camps. Operation and development of these activities is impossible without vast and direct involvement of Pakistan military specially the notorious I.S.I.

Despite of repeated complaints of the Afghan government to UNSC, the member states had not mentioned even once the name of Pakistan as the violator of UN resolution.

It was imagined that according to changing situation in the region, Pakistan would use special skill due to global pressure specially China, would sincerely fight war on terror, force Taliban to attend political negotiations and benefit US multi-billion dollar aids.

Although Islamabad authorities had vowed in bilateral and multi-lateral meetings to act against terrorists and be loyal to their pledges on war on terror but unfortunately they have no taken even one step in this direction.

The UNSC delegation would assess complaints of Afghanistan and documents of Pakistan encroachments and interference of regional countries and would share reports of its findings to UNSC session. Afghanistan has never been a member of UNSC and has not nominated itself for this position. Whenever a country is not a UNSC member, it cannot invite an emergency UNSC meeting to discuss a special issue.

For over one and half decade, the USA had not been adopting a serious position against Pakistan and wanted to change Pakistan approach with tolerance and paying of multi-million dollar aids. Now the US has been convinced that Pakistan has not been sincere in action and continues a deceiving policy. Today the US has taken a serious position against Pakistan and criticized that Pakistan sheltered terrorist groups and is playing a double game. Therefore the US ceased all cash and military aids to Pakistan.

If the US accepts report of UNSC delegation and request holding of its emergency meeting on Pakistan destiny, it can take a fair decision and implement it.

Afghan permanent representative to the UN Mahmood Saiqal said all SC members after assessment of Afghanistan military-political situation confirmed that with playing double game, Pakistan either has deceived the world community or has paved the way for terrorists to setup hideouts and save sanctuaries inside its soil.

Saiqal added soon   a meeting of the UNSC members at the level of foreign ministers would be held in New York city with the participation of Afghanistan FM to discuss all relevant issues and take essential decision on fate of war in Afghanistan and interferences of regional countries.


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