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The Kabul Times – Hopes increasing for new US strategy success – One Stop For All Afghanistan Latest News

Hopes increasing for new US strategy success

 Aimed at war on ISIL, the US intends to send more trainers and military equipments to Afghanistan next spring. This step is taking place at a time that currently American trainers and instructors are teaching use of drones to Afghan Air Forces’ officers.

Afghan MoD has said that  ANSF and RS forces have joint commitment to eliminate ISIL. The White House and Pentagon authorities have told the Wall Street Journal that based on Trump’s new strategy, about one thousand military trainers and several war drones will be deployed in Afghanistan which would be used in air strikes.

Although so far, the official sources of the US government have not talked on deployment of more military trainers in Afghanistan but Afghan MoD said that beside the US army, the role of AAF is very important in war on ISIL and other terrorists.

Deputy spokesman of MoD, BG Mohammad Radmanish said, based on new US strategy, Afghan and US armies would cooperate each other and the USA would support us with their technologies in areas of our need.

Reports on deployment of drones, military trainers and equipments in Afghanistan are being released at a time that, the US military officers have already started training of AAF officers use of drones. 

The Newsweek has recently reported that American officers for the first time train Afghan forces to target ISIL and Talib terrorists with drones.

During his meeting with Afghan second vice president Sarwar Danesh, commander of RS US Gen John Nicolson emphasizing on the commitment of RS specially the US forces for reinforcing of political stability in Afghanistan said, that process of war on terror particularly ISIL would be advancing decisively more than before.

Talking on the new measures of RS and ANSF in war on terror in different parts of the country, RS commander said that certain plans have been undertaken for coverage of more areas in Afghanistan in current year.

President Trump has said that the US no longer keeps silence against Talib and ISIL terrorists in Pakistan. The US has given multi million dollars to Pakistan but they have sheltered terrorists who create violence. Now the time has reached that Pakistan should show its commitment to civilization, order and peace. Pakistan has given hideouts to those who kill our people.

We have paid multi-billion dollar aids to Pakistan but they sheltered criminals and terrorists. We fight them and this situation should change.

For the first time in the last 16 years, the US has met one of the biggest Afghan requests as a result of its new strategy and called Pakistan as supporter of terrorists who are fighting the US.

The US proposed two options to Pakistan: either to cooperate the US  and benefit it or continue support of terrorists and become a loser.

In case of cooperation of Pakistan, we can wait positive changes in Afghanistan but in case of non-cooperation, more different sanctions and punishments would be imposed on this country.

As the first punishment, we can mention Trump request of India to play more role in economic field in Afghanistan.

Taking into account the sensitiveness of Pakistan against role of India in Afghanistan, this would certainly be bitter and disturbing to Pakistan.

If Pakistan refuses and doesn’t submit to US recent request, other possible consequences could be including the name of Pakistan in the list of terror advocates and imposing economic and diplomatic sanctions.

 Direct military attack on Pakistan looks unlikely while launching special operations inside Pakistan soil will be possible.

The withdrawal of RS forces in the future would not be based on a timetable but it would be conditional to the situations. Another frank and positive point in new strategy is distinguishing of target and definition of victory. It means elimination of terrorists and preventing of retaking over of power by terrorists in Afghanistan.

It would enable the Afghan government to approach Taliban and other insurgents from the position of power and force their moderate and reconcilable elements to attend peace negotiating table. 


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