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The Kabul Times – Afghan govt. urges Pakistan to practically step up on fighting terrorism – One Stop For All Afghanistan Latest News

Afghan govt. urges Pakistan to practically step up on fighting terrorism

 Amid political pressures and US aid suspension to Pakistan, recently, 1800 Pakistani religious scholars in a joint fatwa, have called suicide attacks and explosions haram and printed a book in this regard. 

Pakistani President Mamnoun Hussein has said in this book that this fatwa could pave the way for a moderate society to reach stability. 

Following Pakistani ulema assertions, The Kabul Times reporter has conducted some interviews with government officials, civil society organizations and political experts which are as follow:

Welcoming Pak Ulema’s step, the spokesperson to Afghanistan’s Security Council, Qadir Shah is stressing we expect the government of Pakistan to do more on practically fighting terrorism. 

Pakistan has recently changed its policy, and it is merit to mention that the country has always played a double policy game before Afghanistan, therefore, printing of the book would confuse the public minds, he further said. 

He added such fatwas are useless unless Pak Ulema practically and honestly cooperate with the government of Afghanistan in war on terror. 

At the same time, Afghanistan’s civil society organizations have also welcomed Pak Ulema remarks and called it an imperative step to stabilize the region.  Head of civil society association, Aziz Rafiyee said, “This is a good step.Because, terrorism is not only a threat to Afghanistan but also to Pakistan. Therefore, Pak Ulema have realized the fact and issued the fatwa on terrorist attacks.” 

“Afghans have been suffering imposed war since long. So, we would see what are the aftermaths of this fatwa to regional countries and we are waiting it comes into effect in Pakistan, Afghanistan and the region,” he added.  Political experts believe that U.S. pressures on Pakistan have caused the country’s ulema to issue such a fatwa.  A military expert, Atiqullah Amarkhil believes that it would be a good message to ensure security and stability in the region. Criticizing Afghanistan Ulema Council, he said Afghan religious scholars should also raise their voice and they should not keep silence in the respect. 

US Trump has recently declared that terrorists’ training centers and hideouts are inside Pakistan’s soil and he had suspended US aid to Pakistan, he said, adding now, Pak army has no option but to change their policy in the region.  

Meanwhile, Afghanistan’s Ulema Council has also welcomed Pak ulema move and stressed that Islam is a holy religion and suicide attacks are not related to it at all.   

Pakistan has always kept its borders open to refugees in a bid to also pave the ground for its interferences and influence to Afghan soil. Thus, if it wants to regain the world trust, it should stop supporting terrorist way and join hand with other regional and world countries to uproot the menace. 


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