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The Kabul Times – US gives chance to Pakistan to take decisive actions against terrorists – One Stop For All Afghanistan Latest News

 CIA director warns if Pakistan continues to provide safe havens to terrorists, the United States will take itself a step towards protecting its security.

Followed by aid cut to Pakistan, the CIA director asked Islamabad to take decisive action against Afghan Taliban and Haqqani Network.

“We are doing our best to inform the Pakistanis that this is no longer going to be acceptable. So this conditioned aid, we have given them a chance. If they fix this problem, we are happy to continue to engage with them and be their partner. But if they don’t, we’re going to protect America, the CIA Chief Mike Pompeo has said.

Relations between Washington and Islamabad reached to verge of chasm in 2011 when the Obama administration staged a unilateral raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound, which was in Abbottabad less than a mile from the Pakistani military academy.

Soon after President Donald Trump entered White House, the US stances against Pakistan changed. The US President in his New Year’s tweet accused Pakistan of giving nothing to the US but “lies and deceit” and providing safe havens to terrorists in return for $33 billion aid over the last 15 years.

The CIA chief’s new remark on Pakistan shows the US new strategy in connection with putting further pressure on Islamabad to take decisive action against terrorists safe havens in areas bordering Afghanistan and Pakistan.

If the US administration put further political and economic pressures on Pakistan, the country will stop interfering in internal affairs of Pakistan and stop providing safe havens to terrorist groups in its soil.

It is clear that Pakistan intelligence agency is continuing to arm, assist, fund, and provide safe havens and training centers to terrorist groups that are creating calamity in Afghanistan, killing innocent Afghans and launching suicide attacks even in mosques and religious places.

The country is in touch with Afghan Taliban although Islamabad’s policy is to keep the contacts hidden. Afghan Taliban group has office, training and recruitment centers in Pakistan where they organize their operations launched by the group in Afghanistan as most of members of the groups who have arrested in Afghanistan have confessed that they had received training in Pakistan.

Afghanistan government has always tried to tighten its relations with neighboring countries based on national interests of the country. 

Likewise, Afghanistan has repeatedly declared that regional terrorism and making use of terrorism as a foreign political tool cannot be in benefit of any countries.

Although Pakistan assumes that the country is fighting terrorism and working for peace and stability in Afghanistan, the world and Afghanistan has never witnessed Pakistan’s honestly move towards counterterrorism in the region.

Meanwhile, a number of Pakistani media outlets say the government of Pakistan has accepted the US suggestion for conducting operations against Afghan Taliban and other terrorist groups in its soil, but express concern if operations fail, it will put negative impacts on all the region.


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