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The Kabul Times – We want high quality education at regional & world level, Kamawal – One Stop For All Afghanistan Latest News

We want high quality education at regional & world level, Kamawal

 The private higher education institutions, along with state-run universities, have been able to provide facilities for development of the younger generation over the last decade, but there are still concerns about activities, lack of quality teaching, and lack of government attention to their activities in the country.

Dr. Mohammad Amin Kamawal, General Director of private higher education institutions in the connection in an exclusive interview with The Kabul Times reporter said that there are 132 universities and private higher education institutions are operational in Afghanistan. In total, there are 50 to 52 private higher education institutions in Kabul, with 180,000 students, of which 5% are girls.

One of the serious concerns of families and students is getting exorbitant fees by these institutions. Unfortunately, over the past few years, there have been many educational institutions in the country that have not paid much attention to their quality in the past, but the quantity has been noticed more. For this reason, anyone with the money could create an institution, since no specific bill for getting a license has ever been made, in their own name and under various pretexts they are taking fees, for example, for the Internet, the printing of chapters, the library, and parking of cars, all of which are contrary to the law of higher education, Kamawal stated.

To prevent such deals, Kamawal regarded that we are trying to set up a regulation for fees to every university and they have to follow it.

“For a high quality education in the country, we have launched a comprehensive assessment of all institutions of higher education. It was revealed that some higher education institutions had even recruited institute graduates for teaching, which was in contradiction with the Ministry of Higher Education policy, therefore we are trying to prevent such self-righteous in private higher education institutions and our efforts are to ensure that all lecturers must have master degrees in the field, he continued.

We have time to time evaluation of higher education institutes, and our boards even go to the classrooms to see the lecturers teaching methods from close and ask the students for their problems. Then, we give evaluation forms to the students so that they write their suggestions and we will meet their needs and problems according to their wishes, Kamawal asserted.

Kamawal went on to say that the third round of our evaluations will start in the shortest possible time. Our evaluations will take place in three categories. Our first category is good, the second category is satisfactory, and our third category is weak, and for the third category, it is given time if the next evaluation is not in accord with criteria, its license would be cancelled.

What plans do you have for the institutions that don’t meet global criteria? In response to this question Kamawal stated that our assessments include all sections, facilities, lecturers, methodology, teaching and other methods in institutions of the higher education institution, for this reason we have assigned a new team that ensures quality. If any institutions do not provide regular instruction, we will advise them to use this method to make better the teaching quality.

The General director of  private higher education institutions, referring to his future plans said that at the moment, we are not in a position to meet our global education standards. We want them to be expanded, and their facilities should be enhanced on a day-to-day basis and also our challenge is to make private universities a model, because we want higher quality education all over the country.


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