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The Kabul Times – Hundreds flee as Taliban clashes IS in Nangarhar – One Stop For All Afghanistan Latest News

Hundreds flee as Taliban clashes IS in Nangarhar

 Political elites say efforts are underway for eliminating of Taliban and replacing IS.

Fighting between two rival groups Taliban and IS in Nangarhar province has caused terrible problems for the residents of the province especially for the residents of Khogiani district and hundreds of them have been displaced.

BNA reporter reporting the issue writes fighting between armed bands affiliated to Taliban and IS continuing since a couple of days.  The fighting between these rival terrorist groups has made the residents of Khogiani district to leave their homes. Most of them have gone to Jalalabad city and a number of them settled in other parts of the province, while some other have left the country for abroad.

Nangarhar local authorities have called the number of displaced people about one thousand families, but some other sources called the figure about five thousand families.

Fighting between Taliban and IS has escalated in Nangarhar province while earlier the security authorities of the province have talked about the complete defeat of IS and even some of them claimed that there is no any IS militants in Afghanistan and those who are fighting in disguise of IS are Taliban based on Pakistani and some other countries intelligence services programs try to threaten other countries in the name of IS from the territory of Afghanistan, while most members of IS active in Afghanistan are Pakistani nationals who fought earlier alongside of Taliban.  

IS or former Taliban changing the color of their flag became IS, while so called Islamic state  is an intelligence project in Afghanistan and fighting is continuing in areas where earlier armed Taliban were active. Now, IS militants are seeking to find a place in those areas.

The residents of the area say, in spite of that fighting is continuing between two rival groups , but reaction of Afghan security forces is very weak otherwise using the situation launching  a surprise attack they can eliminate those two notorious terrorist groups from the area for ever. 

However, the authorities of defense ministry say they are preparing for launching an operation in Nangarhar province 

General DowlatWaziri the spokesman of defense ministry talks about the coordination of air and ground forces for carrying out an operation in Khogiani district.

But the question is this how IS in Nangarhar once again became capable of carrying military movement there?

A political expert says IS an alternative project for Taliban in Afghanistan, a project where recruit militants among Taliban.

According to him, some western and Arabic countries in collusion with Pakistan are seeking to change the situation in Central Asia and Russia, the duty which earlier Taliban were assigned for doing it .But now, Taliban is used as means by Russia, therefore those who brought Taliban as a project in to the scene, now they are trying to eliminate the group from the scene. 

The current fighting between IS and Taliban has launched for that purpose. 

In the meantime, the former head of national security directorate says for imposing IS on Afghanistan, certain activities are underway and fighting in Khogiani is a apart of the activities.

He warns if the activities of so called IS not taken seriously and not curb in Nangarhar, the activities of this heinous group will spread to Arz region in Logar and Khak – I – Jabar in Kabul.


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