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The Kabul Times – Problems of Kabul mountaineers – One Stop For All Afghanistan Latest News

Problems of Kabul mountaineers

 There is a man whose house located on the top mountain and has not come down from the mountain since three years. 

In order to go up to the top of High Mountain full of mud houses, you have to enjoy capabilities of a mountaineer. There is no ladder, stair nor a save instrument to protect you. Only you have to use your feet and climb the mountain. But if your feet fail, remember that there would be no one to help you.

Tora khan 75 an old man who has been living on the top of Sherdarwazah mountain since more or less 25 years. During this period he has been watching movement of citizens through window of his house on the roads of the city. Long ago he was climbing this mountain peaks several times but now he has lost capability to walk on this mountain.

Kabul Siberia: 

Sherdarwaza mountain is one of the highest residential areas of Kabul city, located on the south of the capital city and has sheltered hundreds houses.  Due to its cold air, part of this mountain is known as the frost and the inhabitants of this area, call it as “Kabul Siberia” and say that in this area winter last six months.

Coming down and going up to the mountain for families who are living on these areas, is usual, while for those who want to visit their relatives in these peaks, is potentially difficult. I went to visit Tora Khan. I waited 15 minutes until he appeared with the help of his children from his house.

At the first glance, I noticed his two crutches. His white beard and wrinkled face narrated his senility and failure.

“Since we have moved on the peak of Sherdarwaza, my legs problems have deteriorated. Despite of using these two crutches, I have no longer ability to go up and down. In the beginning I managed to go to mosque but since three years, I have not gone down. If even I decide to go down, due to high mountain, I give up decision,” he said.

Despite of plenty of problems, these high mountains with mud houses, are called as “Kabul Skyscrapers”. Whenever you ask people why they call this place as the highest place in Kabul and call all these mud houses as the Kabul skyscrapers, they reply: since it’s the only place from which all parts of Kabul can be clearly seen.

Beside gardens, palaces and spectacular houses, these mountains in the center of the city have given a special beauty to capital Kabul. These mountains are the best angle to watch the small city of Kabul. According to local inhabitants, 40 years ago construction of houses started on these mountains as today over thousands houses have been constructed as absolute majority of the houses are non-standard and illegal due to weak economy of their owners and lack legal documents.

There is an old mud wall on the top of mountain that according to narration of people enjoys over one and half thousand years background and was built by the then tyrant ruler and monarch Zanboorak Shah. It is similar to a combat wall located on the border of police districts one and seventh and separate them.


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