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The Kabul Times – Lack of bus-stop stations concerning – One Stop For All Afghanistan Latest News

Lack of bus-stop stations concerning

 Lack of bus-stops and stations in Kabul is one of the main problems among the Kabul residents.

A Kabul citizen Nadia said, “After the government vehicles and buses had been stopped due to security threats, all of the employees have faced with serious problems while going back to home.

“We have to walk for about half an hour to get to a station,” she further said. 

Latifa, a government employee said, “Traffic jams have been considerably increased in the capital Kabul and there is not any specific station.”

The transportation money we receive, is not sufficient, she further said, adding if there is not any government vehicle, specific stations should be established so we can easily find a car to get to office on-time.

We have done much to solve the problem, but nothing tangible work have so far been done in the respect, she went on to say.  Kabul Municipality spokesperson Abdul Jalil Sultani told The Kabul Times that lack of standard stations in the capital Kabul have faced the residents with serious problems.

In a joint commission consisted of the ministry for transport and Millie Bus Enterprise, we could identify 300 specific spots last year, where standard stations would be established and work is going on in this regard, he added. 

The Kabul municipality’sactivity is divided into two phases, the first one includes 159 stations from Kabuk Airport to Microrayons, and the second one 141 stations which includes all Kabul city, he continued.

Procurement work of the first phase is about to be finalized and work will soon practically start and after this, we would start working on second phase as well, he added. 

As traffic department has recently been transferred to Kabul municipality, the stations’ problems would also be solved in near future, he said, adding we are working to figure out the vendors’ issue and collect all concrete barriers along the roads and streets. 


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