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The Kabul Times – Ending of impunity and its impact on reduction of crimes – One Stop For All Afghanistan Latest News

Ending of impunity and its impact on reduction of crimes

According to the reports, five persons including Al-haj Askar former member of provincial council of Herat were from among those who committed heavy crimes for abduction etc, were executed according to the law.

They were executed last Wednesday of last week.

This verdict was executed on abovementioned five persons in a time that was confirmed and finalized by the three courts and initialed by the president.

Public opinion regard the punishment of these criminals as a sign of seriousness of national unity government in prosecution and execution of justice over those who underfoot the laws and commit crimes.

They know, the issue that its non-implementation in the past caused the critics of institutions of civil society and human rights and government.

Recently, the human rights commission linked increment of violence against women and other crimes such as kidnaping and organized assassinations with impunity of criminals from punishment.

With execution of these criminals it is seen that practically the time of impunity from punishment is passed and the national unity government implemented its pledges given to the citizens based on implementation of justice before all criminals and violators and continued and effective struggle against those who flee from law.

After this, impunity would not be observed against those who create challenge before law and commit illegal activity, but every criminal would punish according to the law.

No doubt, the punishment of criminals would have positive impact on reduction of crimes, eradication of motive for fleeing from law, violation and psychological spiritual safety of the society.

When criminals feel their every criminal act would not be ignored by judicial organs and they would see the punishment of their acts soon or later, in such a state the ground for committing crime would be annihilated as a whole and certainly would reduce considerably. 

As holy Quran says: Oh wise people; there is life for you in retaliation.

It is a clear hinting to the impact of punishment in related process of life in human society.

This means that when murderers kill innocent people, justice orders the execution of murderer. In such a state, the motive for killing innocent people removed completely.

Based on the same, the holy Quran orders for complete safety of the society and commands that execution of order for those who murder innocent people guarantees the society life.

Execution of order of law over criminals, would reduce the number of crime.

At the same time, the rule of law would strengthen the government authority in related process of social life.

Implementation of justice causes security and stability in the society and makes hopeful countrymen to continuation of life and their future and gives assurance them.

This is in a time in execution of justice, complete carefulness be implemented and a mechanism should be used so that justice be observed really.

Innocent people not to be executed and public opinion inside Afghanistan and judicial international institutions believe on it.

The law should be implemented alike on all and no one come under impunity from punishment fixed by law.


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