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The Kabul Times – Conditional US aids to Pakistan based on new strategy – One Stop For All Afghanistan Latest News

Conditional US aids to Pakistan based on new strategy

 Based on US Congress decision, the US Secretary of Defense James Mattis was expected to prove how Washington previous financial assistance to Pakistan had been? Had the money spent for supporting terrorist groups or against the groups? 

The US Secretary of Defense would brief Congress on Pakistan’s steps against terrorist groups in particular Haqqani network. If Mattis nodded and said that Pakistan had done nothing in fight against Haqqani network, Washington financial assistance to Islamabad would not be granted to Pakistan. Afghanistan government says Islamabad has taken no steps against Haqqani network and asks the US Congress to take the issues as serious. 

Mattis was expected to brief Congress on Pakistan’s measures against Lashkar-e-Taiba and Haqqani network, but now Mattis will only brief the lawmakers about Pakistan’s measures about Taliban’s brutal affiliate Haqqani network. 

Mattis is expected to report to Congress about the presence of Haqqani network’s safe havens and hideouts in Pakistan, the way that the network recruits inside Pakistan and their activities along the Durand Line and Pakistan’s action against militant groups.

On the basis of the new law, the US will freeze $350 million military assistance to Pakistan unless Mattis certifies Islamabad’s solid steps against Haqqani network. 

The more counter terrorism effort is accelerated in the world and region, mostly Afghanistan and the region will get peaceful as this is important and effective for ending the war on terrorism and bringing peace in Afghanistan.

Pakistan has always chosen the policy of terror and played double-game with Afghanistan and the world. Undoubtedly, such policies of Pakistan are threatening the world region and put the country in an unreliable position for the whole region.

Nevertheless, playing double-game policy and using terrorism by Pakistan government has rooting and strategic importance and generally such misuses of terrorism has increased the graph of violence and destructions in the region displaced millions of people as Afghans and the situation is ongoing in the region. In the mean time, all attacks and terrorist acts carried out by Taliban, Haqqani network and other terrorist groups have roots in Pakistan.

Kabul has accused Haqqani network of carrying out the deadliest attacks causing heavy civilian casualties in Afghanistan as one of key criticisms of Kabul has been that Islamabad has taken no small steps against Haqqani network in its soil.

Previously, the US President Donald Trump upon declaring the country’s new strategy for Afghanistan and South Asia had said US has provided lots of financial assistance to Pakistan, but the country provided safe havens to terrorists fighting against the US and instructed a change in this regard.

Lailuma Noori 


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