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The Kabul Times – NATO additional deployment a response to Afghanistan need – One Stop For All Afghanistan Latest News

NATO additional deployment a response to Afghanistan need

 The NATO defense ministers have recently decided to send 3000 extra troops to Afghanistan to train and advise Afghan air forces, commando, ANCOP and border troops.

Addressing a press conference at the sideline of NATO defense minister meeting, SG Jens Stoltenberg said 27 NATO members have vowed to increase number of their troops in Afghanistan in upcoming months. According to him, the number of NATO troops is expected to reach in future months from 13000 to 16000 and beside this increase of troops, the NATO members would pay US$ one billion until 2020 annually for ANSF funding.

The US and allies are endeavoring to further equip ANSF specially air forces and the US has submitted several Black Hawk helicopter, to Afghan Air Forces and is expected to submit 150 Black Hawks until 2020.

Welcoming the NATO recent decision, the Afghan MoD said that NATO and US extra troops are an urgent need and they would support Afghan commando, Border forces, ANCP etc.

At the outset of 2017, the Afghan government approved transferring of Border Police and ANCCP from MoI to MoD so to relax burden of war from ANP shoulder and war would be directed from a single command center. This change would downsize the MoI organization and paves the way to MoI new minister and NUG leadership to implement reforms in this ministry. MoD authorities said that NATO new troops would undertake advise and training of ANSF and their deployment is a need of Afghanistan.

NATO leaders had also emphasized that these troops would train ANSF and would not be directly involved in the war. Despite of continued efforts of Afghanistan and allies for improvement of ANSF, no change has taken place in the battlefield. In current autumn the terrorists have also changed their war tactics as they have organized several deadly attacks using Humvee vehicles taken in the last wars from ANSF on ANA and ANP military bases.

Gen John Nicolson commander of RS troops in Afghanistan in an interview with TOLO New has recently said” In current year, the Taliban insurgents sustained double casualties in the battlefields than the ANSF and due to this reason they resorted to conduct a series of suicide attacks in cities.

Following their failure, Taliban decided to show their presence through suicide attacks. MoD authorities believe that, ANSF would be able to suppress insurgent like before and have certain achievements.

In some cases, for targeting of terrorists in cares and underground tunnels, support of US troops has also been requested.

At the sametime, the US authorities talked on dispatching of special forces to Afghanistan whose main jobs would be targeting of Taliban leaders.

Gen Nicolson has added that, since the announcement of US new strategy, Pakistan policy has not changed and US warning to Islamabad on sheltering of terrorists have been vain.

He added that military pressure on terrorists and political pressure on their supporters would continue until terrorists attend peace talks table.

The US president Donald Trump said that sheltering of terrorists by Pakistan is no longer tolerable for the US and US-Pakistan relation are conditional to elimination of terror hideouts in Pakistan.

NATO SG had also said last week that NATO cannot accept that some countries be safe heaven of terrorists. NATO authorities have already shared this issue with Pakistan commanders and asked them to make sincere contribution in war on terror.

In believe of NATO not sheltering of terrorists in Pakistan soil could play key role in war on terror. Pakistan has been accused on support of terrorists and Kabul claims that Islamabad is behind Afghan insurgency and insecurity, a claim that has always been denied by Pakistan. The Kabul Times   


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