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The Kabul Times – Media committed to national values – One Stop For All Afghanistan Latest News

Media committed to national values

 Media has an immeasurable potential in awareness of public in the community, attack on media clearly demonstrate the fact that how much the enemies of the country fear from dissemination of truth and facts in the community. 

BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes some days ago Shamshad TV came under attack of terrorist groups. 

The attack on TV was the continuation crimes that earlier terrorist groups have committed against media and journalist in the country. 

Attack on a vehicle carrying the staff of Tolo TV that led to killing a number of staff of TV and systematic attacks on journalists and correspondents and constant intimidations of terrorist groups addressing media workers, are a series of unforgivable crimes have notorious terrorist groups committed. The facts indicate that media has deeply penetrated among public and how much terrorists fear from dissemination of facts and truth in the society. 

The ignorant and notorious terrorists fear media because it is press and media that introduce the ugly feature of them among the people not only the country and in the region but in the world as a whole. 

The animosity of terrorist groups to the media, scholars, students and teacher has an old history, because they cannot sustain people who inform the people about the truth and realities this is the crimes such as attack on people, public places, mosques, shooting and beheading innocent people and conducting summary trials are the major crimes    that the terrorists committed and its media that inform the public about their heinous crimes and publically introduce their culprits.

The incentive and provocative activities of media go through deep in the hearts of terrorists as a sharp dagger.

In addition attack on media considers as attack on national values of the country. 

Today Afghan people are experiencing a nascent democracy that demonstrates the will of people, freedom of press and speech which are the outstanding achievement of Afghan people and their leadership. 

Therefore the enemies of Afghanistan attack these values but fortunately have not succeeded to achieve their ominous goals and prevent the people from using their will and intention toward building a prosperous and peaceful life in the country. 

As terrorist attack on Shamshad TV just prevented the TV for short period time from broadcasting and restarted its publication and broadcasting as soon as the enemies expected. In this way Shamshad TV proved the media is committed to safeguarding national values and never surrenders to conspiracies and intimidation of the enemies.  

Abdul Khalil Menawi


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