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The Kabul Times – 40 pc people still suffering poverty in Afghanistan – One Stop For All Afghanistan Latest News

40 pc people still suffering poverty in Afghanistan

The Strategic Institution for Hunger Eradication in Afghanistan, in a fresh report says that about 40 percent people of Afghanistan are hungry.

It is the first revision of strategic Institution for hunger eradication that is prepared within one year.

Hedayat Amin Arsala, the senior incharge for revision of strategic institution for hunger eradication in Afghanistan, in a briefing told media that complete world-wide eradication of hunger is one of the UN stable development goals that based on the same, the hunger should completely be eradicated in the world till 2030.

According to this study, it is said that 40 percent of people are hungry in Afghanistan. Now, the government should draft a program for eradication of hunger and implement it, till move parallel with the goals of UN stable development.

Deputy Public Health Minister, Dr. Ahmad Jan Naim in this briefing said that the figure of mal-nutrition in 2001 was 61 percent in Afghanistan that in 2013, this figure has reached to 41 percent.

40 percent of Afghan women are suffering from anemia that affected badly on mal-nutrition. Deputy Public Health Minister added.

At the same time, senior presidential advisor Farkhunda Zahra Naderi says that good awareness had not been given to pregnant women about their children mal-nutrition and on the other, the educated women don’t give their own breast milk to the children.

Ms. Naderi added that the educated women came under the propaganda of companies produce powder milk.

It is known that breast milk never replaced by powder milk and this caused mal-nutrition be increased.

On the other, head of board of directorate of chamber of commerce and industry of Afghanistan, Atiq Nasrat says that the chamber of commerce plays basic role around increment of production and eradication of hunger in the country.

He wants government to prepare the ground for investment of private sector.

This strategic revision in program of eradication of hunger in Afghanistan is prepared with cooperation of G.I.Z institution, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Hand to Hand institution and Aga Khan Health Services.

 This revision enjoying from viewpoints of government institutions including presidential office, ministries of finance, commerce and industry, public health, agriculture and irrigation, rehabilitation and rural development, women affairs and ministry of refugees and repatriates. 

At the same time, an economic expert, Ustad Massoud told The Kabul Times reporter in the connection that the issues reflected in this report are correct. 

But the organizations release figures are trying to find more healthy figures. Because, the figure of 40 percent Afghan people are hungry is lesser than the real number. This means that over 40 percent people are hungry in Afghanistan.

Massoud added that the only way to eradicate hunger in Afghanistan is providing of employment for unemployed.

He proposed that the government should establish factories so that man and woman of Afghanistan gain money and feed their families and rescue themselves from hunger.

Gulalai who left his birth place Uruzgan for Kabul because of recent insecurities knocks the doors of any one for a loaf of bread.

She in the connection said that my husband martyred and along with my two children are vagabond for a loaf of bread from dawn till evening.We pass our day-night in a damaged shelter.

It is said that the number of such people is increasing and the government should have its own roadmap and fresh programs for the removal of poverty in Afghanistan. 

Shukria Kohistani 


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