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The Kabul Times – Attention to adolescents, children helps develop country – One Stop For All Afghanistan Latest News

Attention to adolescents, children helps develop country

 We should have complete believe that all scholars, present and past leaders, teachers, physicians and all dignitaries who were pinned in high posts of government and others, in a day, they were children or adolescents.

Now, that they have the sweet and bitter experiences with themselves and promote their sacred duties under the umbrella of National Unity Government (NUG), it is necessary to support the builders of tomorrow Afghanistan considering the possibilities are available and should not be indifferent before children and adolescents that in a time they were in the same position.

The authorized government officials that are well-known personalities pay heed to those children and adolescents that are locating in few steps of the latters who are selling plastic bags and majority of them are students in schools and madrassas but as bread bearers of their families are engaging in hard works.

What is a matter of concern, is this that lest they addict to narcotics and this situation brings their position under question as builders of homeland.

Unfortunately, hundreds of our adolescents were polluted to this dirty act. Because, majority of families, are not capable to lodge and board themselves so they are engaged in hard works and even such situation caused they hunt by narco-mafia.

All these illegalities stem from less attention paid to them through government incharges. 

Investigations show that low affection and sympathy and in-attention of government officials before children and adolescents and weak economy of families forced children and adolescents that with all their physical weaknesses resort to hard works and some time, to refer to illegal works, because, they are obliged to provide a loaf of bread for their families as bread-bearers.

If it correctly be investigated and heed be paid, majority of those children and adolescents who are working in open air in road-side, after ending of their lessons in schools, sans eating of a loaf of bread as lunch, with empty stomach, they resorting to hard works so that to provide some money for dinner of their families.

These children are the offsprings of this homeland. But, social justice doesn’t observed in our society and hardships of the time forced them to lead such destiny.

If the incharges concerned pay attention to the living situation of these builders of tomorrow Afghanistan and provide employment for their family members and better ground foreducation of themselves, there would be no need for their resorting to hard works and begging as well as addicting to narcotics.

We are believing completely that national unity government is not inaware about the hard living situation of adolescents.But those who are incharge for supporting of children and adolescents and pay less attention to their responsibility, their supportive activities are faint-colored.

Sometimes, those administrations are tasked to investigate the adolescent situation, they suffice only to present the figure of unemployed adolescents who are commuting on road-sides, but the roadmaps to heal the pains of this important segment of society reflected lesser.

They also complain about lack of donors and foreign contributions after 2014, while with domestic possibilities available, we can remove the problems of those children and adolescents passing their time as vagabondage in road-sides for providing loaf of bread for their families and stationery they need for their schools.

This needs initiveof incharges concerned. If less attention be paid in the connection and the problems of these builders of tomorrow Afghanistan bediscussed in sessions of council of ministers and as a roadmap for rescuing of this segment especially in a time that cold winter is a head, we believe, the problems of adolescents would reduce in some extent and special measures would be adopted.

With pinning to a hope, this problem be solved and adolescents of our society be trained as tomorrow builders of their country. 

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