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The Kabul Times – Successful war on drug needs joint sincere strategy – One Stop For All Afghanistan Latest News

Successful war on drug needs joint sincere strategy

 A two days meeting of war on drugs was held in Kabul with the participation of senior regional experts from Iran, China, Russia, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kirghizstan, Turkey, Afghanistan and the UAE in Kabul and discussed a joint regional strategy on war on drugs and cooperate Afghanistan. 

Addressing the event, MoCN Salamat Azimi said, I hope we would manage to identify regional challenges ahead of war on drugs and find practical solutions within a regional strategy and we believe that coordination of laws, policies and joint strategies are only solution to this deadlock.

The participants discussed important issues including increase of regional cooperations for enforcement of law, intelligence exchange, extradition of criminals, money laundry, improvement of borders control and prevention of precursors, disturbing of drug trafficking itineraries, regional cooperations in the field of decreasing of demand to drugs, encouraging of regional and international organizations and other issues included joint regional strategy. In this gathering, the Afghan government expected the regional countries to prevent Afghan drug transit through these countries to the world markets and precursors and chemicals which are used in drug production and are imported into Afghanistan.

At present, the regional countries are facing drug problem closely as Afghanistan is the origin and produced and regional countries as consumers and transitors to European and American countries.

Sincere and serious partnership and joint strategy of regional, neighboring countries is the most important element and component in success of war on drugs. These countries should join hands and settle this problems with close cooperation. Afghanistan and regional partners need to prevent poppy cultivation and drug production and trafficking and most important of all, prevent addiction of their citizens at any cost.

Currently, Afghanistan is engulfed with three vital challenges of corruption, poppy cultivation and terrorism that each support the other respectively. If all these three are not fought simultaneously, we would not manage to witness victory over the single one. All dimensions of drug including cultivation, production, sale and trafficking disturb our ethic, health, religion, economic-political life and national identity.

The Afghan MoCN has started work on codification of counter-drugs strategy at a time that poppy cultivation and drug trafficking have unprecedently increased and over 300000 hectars land have been poppy cultivated.

Achieving agreement and taking practical steps in war on drugs in Afghanistan would rid us from current chaotic situation and in case of continuation of such situation we can never be changed to a capable and self-reliant country.

 Lailuma Noori 


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