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The Kabul Times – NUG making efforts to hold transparent parliamentary elections – One Stop For All Afghanistan Latest News

NUG making efforts to hold transparent parliamentary elections

 As concerns and criticisms has increased recently over holding parliamentary elections, but national unity government is informing of effort for holding the elections next year.

National unity government considers increasing concerns of the people over the elections as perceivable and is asking electoral commissions to address the people’s concerns.

In a session of council of ministers, chief executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah has stressed that previous experiences should not be reiterated, adding that it was necessary that trust of the people related to accuracy, precision and transparency of elections process should not be harmed.

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has also instructed security organs of the country to prepare and finalize security program for upcoming parliamentary elections, insisting that national unity government was fully determined to holding parliamentary and district councils elections.

Meanwhile, National Security Council by stressing on holding the elections has instructed security organs to accelerate legal programs of the upcoming elections.

A number of civil society and electoral monitor organizations have considered holding the elections on its time as necessary and asked the government to take practical steps in this regard.

Naeem Ayoubzada, head of Afghanistan Fair Elections Organization has also considered brining reforms in electoral system as effective for holding the upcoming elections, adding that the people of Afghanistan wanted the government to specify its programs for the process so they should know that national unity government had firm determination for holding the parliamentary elections.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan Fair and Free Elections has said that Afghanistan electoral commissions should respond of their works to the people because they were responsive for holding the elections in the country, adding that a mechanism should be created to prevent local officials, powerful figures and armed individuals from interfering in parliamentary elections.

On the other hand, a number of experts while considering interference in electoral commissions as serious concern have said efforts should be made by national unity government to provide better facilities for holding transparent parliamentary elections in the country.

Akram Andishmand, an Afghan political expert says 2014 presidential elections was one of the worst elections in history of Afghanistan, so it is necessary that upcoming parliamentary elections should be held free of any violations and frauds so that the people’s trust harmed in 2014 presidential elections could be revived again.

Another Afghan expert Aminzai believes that providing voters’ content would be a short-term solution of part of elections issues, but electronic tazkiras should be soon distributed in order to avoid frauds and violations in upcoming parliamentary elections.

These experts say after series of changes in Afghanistan electoral commissions, hopes of the people have increased. On the other hand, national unity government is also making effort and fully determined to hold parliamentary elections on its exact time so that the people’s trust over Afghanistan elections can be once again revived.

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