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The Kabul Times – Muharram 10th belongs to all muslims – One Stop For All Afghanistan Latest News

Muharram 10th belongs  to all muslims

 The better way of celebration Moharram 10th is this that the mourners should not create hurdles for people and should not hold breast-beating and prevent from creating problem for traffic system in the city.

The days of Muharram are not only for pouring of tears, but its realities should be comprehended and we should take a lesson from uprising of Aba Abdulla-ul-Hussain and communicate the message of Aashura day to the world people.

With the arrival of Muharram days, the world muslims get a special position and take benefit from this opportunity and should hold vast propagations. This would cause the plots of enemies be foiled.

In these days of mourning of family members of prophet Mohammad (PBUH), the muslims of the world can benefit from small opportunity and gain much. But these mournings should not be emotional and abused.

The days of Muharram is not only belong to Shiit, but we are the witnesses of hundreds of Sunnit brethren in the mourning days of family members of prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in takias of Kabul as well.

As we are aware, the Ashura of Hussain has its own meaning, in contradiction with all humane obscene, its name is not forgotten but is alive.

The human history is the witness of much epics but all are not grandeur such Ashura is.

The Ashura tragedy made the name of Imam Hussain eternal.

The historical of human  civilization is witnessing of bloody wars and great events.

The history of humanity is full of wars and epics, sacrifices ambitions and merciless murderings that taken place in the name of religion, homeland etc, but the tragedy of Ashura-i- Hussaini possessing of its own concept that with passing of each day becoming more alive than before.

The viewpoint of Sunnit about Ashura:

The Ashura tragedy occurred in 21 H is not only belong to Shiit, majority of Sunnit historians from among them Mohammad bin-i-Jareer-i- Tebari, IAbn-i- Saad, Ibni Qutaiba-i- Dainoori, Ahmad bin-i- Daud Painoori and Ibni Aseer narrated about Karbala tragedy like Abu Makhnaf that are similar more as Shiit historians believe.

 Likewise, a large number of Sunnit religious scholars enumerate the position of Hussain bin-i-Ali much greater and regard him one of members of prophet Mohammad (PBUH) family but despite this, they have different approaches in connection with uprising, martyrdom and mourning ceremonies of third Imam of Shiits.

Someone like Imam Mohammad Ghezali regarded illegal the uprising of Imam Hussain against the caliph of the time and some other such as Taimina and Salfees regard mourning for martyrdom of Imam Hussain as innovation. But, there are also some Sunnit religious scholars that regard mourning of Ashura day as permissible but those sunnits living in the eastern parts such as the countries of south and south east Asia have much positive consideration in connection with the mourningful celebration of Ashura day comparing the Arab nations.

Now, there is a question that whether Hazrate Imam Hussain uprising was for the exit of caliph or taking the throne and property? Whether the chief of martyrs upraised to take the power as the heir of loom?

The philosophy of Ashura uprising: 

The uprising of Ashura was not an uprising for this world, although its effects remain in this world too. With being aware about the destiny and determination of Almighty Allah, Imam Hussain upraised so His religion remains alive. 

 Imam Hussain did Jehad, because he knew jihad in the way of Allah doesn’t summarize to outward success. Imam Hussain left for holy war and martyred in a most heart rending manner, so that the nobility of religion of Islam remain safeguarded forever.

Hussain bin Hazrate Ali in his message to Mohammad Hanafia clearly narrated the main reason of his uprising comparing any other historical document and added that I have only upraised for rehabilitation of my forefather tradition, messenger of Islam and nobility of religion of Islam. I have no other goal. 

Message of Ashura to Haj:

The uprising of Imam Hussain took place within Haj ceremony.

Imam benefited suitably from this opportunity and sent his message to those Hajis gathered in Caaba for performing Haj ceremony and with an unprecedented measure, left the home made from clay and brick for the home of heart. Because, first one was made by Ibrahim Khalil and the second by Almighty Allah.

The political goals of Imam Hussain from the caravan of martyrdom: 

It is obvious that the uprising of Imam Hussain was not held for the purpose of taking revenge, tribalism and racism etc. but its goal was justice, fighting against tyranny, reformation of muslim umma to enliven the dried sapling of Islam.

It was not acceptable for Imam Hussain to live under the umbrella of idol and allegiance from Yazids of his time and was saying “Honorable death is better than shameful life”.

Some signs of Imam Hussain uprising after Ashura:

1- With the grace of Imam Hussain uprising, those people who were living in ignorance because of intrigues of Bani Ummia, became aware.

2- The uprising of Imam Hussain caused the Bani Ummia and government of Yazid be collapsed.

3- Another effect of Karbala tragedy was becoming enliven of martyrdom tradition that as a result of Ashura uprising, most of historical revolutions of Islam such as the uprising of Tawabeen led by Sulaiman bin-e-Surd Khazaee and uprising of Mukhtar.

4- In Mukhtar uprising, majority of criminals of Karbala saw their punishment and from that time to date, hundreds small and larger revolutions were occurred and thousands martyrs shed their bloods to follow-up  the path of Imam Hussain and protected the holy religioin of Islam.

The Karbala uprising and other movements occurred hereafter, harassed the blasphemes and then every tyrant dominant and ruler took the throne through intrigues and tried for deceitfulness of people to keep their apparent and forbid from activities Bani Ummia did for uprooting of Islam.

The blood of oppressed Imam Hussain is flowing forever and is boiling against tyranny and would irrigate the sapling of steadfastness against tyranny and inequality till resurrection day.

 Masouda Qarizada 


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