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The Kabul Times – Youth & Peace – One Stop For All Afghanistan Latest News

Youth & Peace

 The youth international day is celebrated every year. 

This year, the day is expected to be marked under the title of “Youth and Peace”.

Afghanistan is a country that over 68 pc of its population is under 25. The Afghan youth in the last few decades have sustained plenty of socio, politico, cultural and economic hardships and crises due to imposed devastating wars and conflicts.

One of the signs of hope in human being (particularly youth) is this that they should have an incentive to reach this goal and no double our youth enjoy high hope and moral.

In fact, the mankind mental capability and physical growth grows during adole scenes and reach its peak. This is the reason why the youth role is valuable and constructive in rebuilding the country. Due to this reason, the developed countries extremely exploit  the youth for progress and development.

The international youth day was approved  on Dec. 17.1998 at the UNGA and Aug 12 was recommended for this purpose. AIIUN members were tasked to support this day.

In our country, 2017 was addressed as the youth year and Aug 12-21  was announced as the youth civil partnership national week under the slogan of Youth and Peace. Celebration of this week means appreciation of youth power. 

Masouda Qarizada 


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