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Women role key in govt. structure

 Unfortunately rampant wrong traditions in Afghanistan have caused the women not to have eye-catching role in the government structure. A number of lawmakers and women rights advocates stress on women further political partnership in the government. 

Justice and Partnership Association (JPA) said that President Ghani has not still practiced its commitment on women political partnership in the government. It asks the government to increase the women share in the government. 
Zahra Sultani, an in-charge of JPA told The Kabul Times that her entity will not remain silent in this regard and we want the government to increase the women share in different fields. 
At the same time, other members of JPA expect the First Lady to pay special attention in the respect, adding the women role in the government should not be symbolic and they should take part in the government big decisions. 
Shakila Barakzai, head of Future Leaders Organization said, ‘however, active women are working in the country, but their role has not been eye-catching over the last years. Thus, they should be supported in all areas.’
She stressed that the international aids should be properly spent so the women be able to prove them in the society. In fact, the aids have been inappropriately spent and less amount had been spent on women, she added.
Meanwhile, Marya Bashir, head of Herat attorney general office said that administrative and patriarchy discrimination were among the main factors before women political partnership in the government.
In the past, she added that many countries had promised to work on Afghan women capacity building, but it has not been practiced as it was expected.  Fatana Gilani, head of Afghan Women Association believes that the opportunities provided over the last thirteen years have been inadequate. 
Likewise, Afghan women activists ask the government to pay further heed on women and provide them with fundamental programs and job opportunities.
It is worth mentioning that 25 percent of National Assembly have been allocated to women, but the women activists stressed that more positions should be given to women in the cabinet.
President Ghani has times and again reiterated that women political partnership is essential for the country’s development and his government is making effort to provide the ground in this regard more than ever.
Safia Seddiqi, a civil society activist said that the government of national unity has not practiced all of its promises to women. 
She believe that the government of national unity would not ignore the women political partnership, because they have always been sacrificed over the last more than three decades.
Based on official figures, 30 percent of women have share in the government and the government is expected to pay further heed in the respect.

Source : Women role key in govt. structure

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