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Polygyny Among Factors Behind Violence Against Women

Polygyny Among Factors Behind Violence Against Women

Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan Human Rights Commission (AHRC) said that 2900 cases of violence against women have been recorded over the last 9 months, most of which have been due to polygamy.
However, there are not accurate figures in access, but based on traditions and cultures, most of men in villages marry more than two spouses. Calling the issue the main factor behind socioeconomic problems as well as families’ disputes, a number of women rights’ activists said it could also negatively affect the society. To prevent these challenges, the government of Afghanistan has approved many laws, particularly the Law on Elimination of Violence against Women in which the ministry of women affairs asks for its serious implementation in the country. Spozhmai Wardak, deputy minister of women affairs said that there was nothing beyond law in the country, but above all, is its implementation throughout the country.
Polygamy is natural among the government officials, whom are expected to be women rights’ defenders. Officials of the ministry for women affairs said that strengthening public awareness could help prevent violence against women, or the achievements obtained over the last one and half a decade will go in vain. They added that the role of religious Ulama and police is key in defending women rights. The ministry of women affairs while expressing concern on the issue said that still nothing tangible has been done to prevent violence against women in the country. Afghan women, particularly in remote provinces have always been faced with various types of violence such as, sexual assault, stoning to death and parts of their bodies’ chop off. At the same time, Suraya Subhrang, a human rights commissioner told that AHRC is making effort to review the cases of violence against women and send them for further investigation to the related court.
In Takhar, Sahar’s case was a very hot issue, as a result of which she was transferred to a safe house by AHRC. A murder case in Faryab and forced marriage of two sisters with a man at one night in eastern Nangarhar province are the cases concerned Afghanistan’s Human Rights Commission. Criticizing the courts’ functions addressing the cases of violence against women, Humaira Saqib, a women activist said that the cases have not been seriously probed and the perpetrators have not been punished—a move resulted in increasing violence against women. This is while that lack of awareness on Islamic teachings, illiteracy, insecurity, non-implementation of law etc. are the issues have increased the level of violence against women in the country.
Shukria Kohistani

Source : Polygyny Among Factors Behind Violence Against Women

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