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Marshal Fahim; Man of Jihad And Resistance

Marshal Fahim; Man of Jihad And Resistance

Kabul (BNA) Hoot 18th is coinciding with third death anniversary of Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim.
He died at this day as unexpectedly.
Marshal Fahim had effective role especially after the end of 2001 in political events of Afghanistan. 59 years before, Marshal Fahim was born in Panjsher beautiful valley in a pious family. His father was Mawlawi Abdul Mateen one of religious scholars of the valley and called him as Mohammad Qasim. Since adolescence, Mohammad Qasim was brave and bold man. He promoted his primary education before his father and spared any effort for learning of knowledge which was common in that time.
Based on the same, for attaining to official education he admitted into Darul Uloom-i-Arabi Kabul in 1349 solar year.
He learnt more at this center of knowledge. During first academic year, he absorbed by Martyred Eng. Habiburrahman, one of the members of Islamic Movement of Afghanistan and since that, he began his activity in Islamic Movement. Like other brave freedom-fighters and Mujahedeen, in 1357 solar year, Mohammad Qasim left here for Pakistan. When the holy Jehad was began against former Soviet Union, beside other colleagues, for the first time, he hoisted the flag of Jehad in the regions belong to Kunar province and with complete strength, he proclaimed his readiness for fighting against invading forces of red army and spared any effort in this holy path. After returning to Panjsher, he stood beside national hero of Afghanistan, Martyred Ahmad Shah Massoud and began his Jehad and military activities beside him. His activities proved useful in administration and coordination of mujahedeen. This caused that great responsibilities be surrendered to him by the leading body of Jamiat-i-Islamic Party of Afghanistan and he performed sincerely those responsibilities. In 1360 solar year he left for north-eastern provinces of the country to establish further coordination among mujahideen in Badakhshan, Takhar, Kunduz and Baghlan provinces and promoted this responsibility well. Likewise, he performed his duty in 1366 solar year as commander of mujahedeen in north of Kabul and showed much meritorious in his mission.
Marshal Fahim and Islamic Government:
Under the shadow of prideful flag of Islamic State of Afghanistan (Jamiat-i-Islami). Marshal Fahim promoted his activities and remained loyal to it and was proud for. During the reign of Martyr of peace, Martyred Prof. Burhanuddin Rabbani, Marshal Fahim was appointed as Minister of Intelligence Services of Afghanistan. In this period, he performed useful activities and in such a manner, after Martyrdom of National Hero, his work was effective within the period of Resistance:
Prof. Burhannudin Rabani appointed him as defense Minister of Islamic State of Afghanistan and showed special bravery in the front of resistance.
After peaceful transition of power by Prof. Burhanuddin Rabbani to Hamid Karzi, Marshal Fahim appointed as vice president and beside this, he remained as minister of defense as well so that to do good representation from Mujahedeen.
Marshal Fahim and Jamiaat-i-Islami:
Marshal Fahim was one of brave commanders of Jamiaat-i-Islami Afghanistan in the periods of Jehad and resistance and one of bright figures within recent years. He regarded working with “Jamiaat” as a great pride and was proud for. When he was working as first vice president during the reign of Hamid Karzai, he time and again was meeting with the leader of Jamiaat-i-Islami, Prof. Burhanuddin Rabani about his activities and Jamiaat party.
Qualities of Marshal:
Marshal Fahim was firm, pious, enjoying moral, mujahid, generous, peace lover and kind. As he was the student of Islamic madrassa, he was chanting slogan of defending from Islam and Islamic beliefs and was working for safeguarding of Islamic worthies. When he was vice president, and minister of defense during transitional period, in 11th anniversary of triumph of mujaheddin in 1382 solar year, in part of his speech, he mentioned:
Under the shadow of high religious worthies. We began our new political life. Finally, his death ended his new political life and he dedicated his worthy 56 years of life in serving jehad and resistance and construction of his country, Afghanistan.
May God Pleased Him.
Liluma Noori

Source : Marshal Fahim; Man of Jihad And Resistance

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