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Marking Int’l Women’s Day example of unprecedented solidarity worldwide

Marking Int’l Women’s Day example of unprecedented solidarity worldwide

Choosing a day as women’s day has been discussed for the first time during struggles by New York women chanting the slogan of polling right for women.
In 1857, female laborers of cloth-weaving and dress-making factories in a protest on New York streets asked for increasing of their salaries, decreasing work time and improvement of work conditions.
After 1907, women struggles found their way towards maintaining political and social rights of women.
In 1910, the Socialist International meeting led by Claras Negin and was held in Copenhagen discussing the issue of international women’s day. The conference was attended by 100 women from 17 countries of the world. Claras Negin delivered speech related to women rights, oppressed women and inferiority.
Meanwhile, women in Russia and other European countries gathered and protested in order to declare their solidarity with women across the world. Berlin, Madrid and Spain also witnessed protests in which 30,000 women laborers were chanting the slogan of peace and freedom and as a result the United Nations recognized 8 March as International Women’s Day.
In 1960, North America started to celebrate the International Women’s Day, while Canada started marking the day in 1970 and it was 19 March 1911 when the day was marked in Denmark, Austria, Swiss and USA where millions of women participated and marked the day.
Now, 8 March coinciding with 18 Hoot of solar year marked as International Women’s Day in many countries around the world. It is a day when women are recognized for their achievements without regard to divisions, whether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political.
This day has message of majority of women to the world and marking this historic day around the world is an example of unity and unprecedented solidarity of women. 8 March is considered as a significant day for women around the world where the destiny of all women is linked and their stance as a creature having thought and vision is outstanding in community.
Women are half part of our country and have fulfilled big jobs and offered responsible and committed people to our society. Women even have worked shoulder to shoulder with their brothers and husbands in agricultural fields, factories, health centers, mass media organizations and others and shown capabilities in all respective fields.
Despite unprecedented developments in life of women in the country, there are still problems and challenges facing Afghan women losing their life during delivering babies. A large number of other women are deprived of access to health cares in remote areas of Afghanistan, known as the second world country in maternal mortality.
A number of women are facing forced marriages in the country. Based on report, 70 – 80 % girls are facing forced marriages. Moreover, family violence against women has resulted that women prefer to suicide themselves.
According to experts of human rights in Afghanistan, nearly 70 % of self-burning causes are forced marriages, while 10 % of the causes are moral disguises, addiction to drugs and illiteracy.
On the other hand, participation and presence of women are not considerable in social and political sections. It is worth mentioning that fair division of power between men and women in all social and political sectors is to guarantee advancement of democratic process.
Thus, woman is mother, woman is sister and woman is wife and life partner and should be recognized as a committed and responsible human having equal rights and position deserving a woman and should be respected not only on a particular day but all the time. 

Source : Marking Int’l Women’s Day example of unprecedented solidarity worldwide

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