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ANDSF Fighting Against 20 Terrorist Groups Across The Country; Governmental Officials: Commentary

ANDSF Fighting Against 20 Terrorist Groups Across The Country; Governmental Officials: Commentary

Kabul (BNA) Ashraf Ghani the president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in clear message to whom who do not want peace has said that we have strong intention for victory in this imposed war and let not a number of mercenaries to threat a nation to extermination.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes the imposed war in Afghanistan passing each day further become tense and terrorists threaten a wide geographical area and in the same time, the feature of their patrons unveiled and for Afghan people, the region and the world become more familiar with their ominous features. The Afghan high ranking officials including President Ghani and M. Hanif Atmar the National  Security Advisor of the president have confirmed the existence of 20 terrorist groups in Afghanistan who are carrying hostile attacks in disguise of Taliban to fulfill the evil goals and objectives of certain foreign intelligence services. Since, the foreign and long lasting enemies of Afghanistan, for achieving their ambitious goals in the region cannot dare to intervene directly in domestic affairs of our country use a number of its agents under the sacred name of Taliban to achieve and implement their goals in the region. We acknowledge that, a small number of Afghan Taliban are  among so-called Taliban groups, deceived by foreign intelligence service beside terrorists groups launching patricidal war kill Afghan innocent people to please their masters. The Afghans do not make difference between these Taliban and consider them as a whole as the enemies of Afghanistan and particularly express their hatred against Afghan Taliban for their treacherous and criminal deeds against their own homeland.
As President Ghani in his recent inaugural speech in national assembly made it clear that today Afghan people and state have the same definition of friend and enemy and ambiguities have removed. The Afghan people not only consider IS and foreign Taliban who want to use our homeland for their terrorist activities as their enemies of the country but also consider the Afghan Taliban who launching horrible attacks kill their own brothers and sisters. Currently Afghanistan is suffering from problems caused by terrorist and extremist groups under the names of IS, Taliban and so called Islamic movements are part of great games of intelligences services that have big programs for the region.  They make their aims not limited to Afghanistan. At the beginning, they started their activities under the name of disarming the corrupted people and collecting weapons but currently these terrorist groups heavily armed with up to date weapons are working to implement foreign objectives in the region. If that is not so, what is the presence of hundreds of families of foreign terrorists under the leadership of the son of Juma Namangani the leader of Uzbekistan’s Islamic Movement in Sar-e-Pul, Jawzjan and Faryab provinces.
Taliban who call themselves Afghan are hosting hundreds of terrorists from Central Asian countries, Punjab, Chechen ….. Moreover, without showing any reaction, they patiently watching the destruction of their own country and killing their compatriots. Since Afghan people have, a clear definition of terrorism makes no any distinction between good and bad terrorists and deals them the same as the enemies of not only Afghans but the humanity as whole. The presence and coordinated terrorist groups such as Taliban, IS, Al-Qaeda ….indicate that they are not thinking about Afghanistan but following greater goals that threaten the region and entire world. Therefore, if the international community ignores the terrorist’s activities they cause further destructions and killing innocent people across the world. Therefore, it would be better for the countries of the region to keep aside their inner differences and try honestly to end the problem of terrorism and extremism forever and red the humanity from this horrible and notorious phenomenon.

Source : ANDSF Fighting Against 20 Terrorist Groups Across The Country; Governmental Officials: Commentary

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