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Taliban behind emergence of more terrorist groups

Taliban behind emergence of more terrorist groups

 President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, while inaugurating the first joint session of the parliament’s seventh year and 16th legal term, said Taliban was behind emergence of all terrorist groups in the country.

After the lawmakers’ return from 45 days winter recess, the house was inaugurated by speech of the president, with the main focus of blame the still-destructive war in the country, and the Taliban group as the main element behind.
The president said Taliban was the necessary element behind presence of foreign troops, besides encouraging other terrorist networks and malicious circles emergence in the war-suffered nation.
On the other side, the country’s National Security Advisor Mohammad Hanif Atmar also said: “Terrorist groups based in Pakistan threatening Afghanistan and other countries of the region.”
Atmar, addressing a security conference in New Delhi, added that this should always be remembered that Afgahnsitan had no friend among terrorist groups.
He denounced terrorist groups as the long and arduous process and a generational struggle that could not be fought and eliminated in a year, but the scourge should be combated long enough to be uprooted and the nations helped get rid of the ferocious elements.
In fact, 20 terrorist groups appeared in Afghanistan, violating human values and pummeling women rights and most importantly senselessly killing innocent people.
Certainly, there was no need of foreign troops’ presence in Afghanistan, but the Taliban’s brutality and their misbehavior against the ordinary people and their opposition against the government drew the attention of international community to plan sending counter-terrorist troops to the country.
However no tangible reaction against terror by the foreign forces, within ISAF or NATO in Afghanistan has been still witnessed, but militants are failing to get further momentum and upsurge opportunity, except resorting to explosions and launching suicide bombings.
Other terrorist networks like Daesh if kill innocent Afghans, they are imported from other countries with alien believe, but the Taliban should do their best to avoid such heinous activities, otherwise, they would be called the ally of Daesh.
Likewise, the country’s security forces are capable to defeat them, foil their malicious plots and eliminate those against peace talks.
Youth should also remain vigilant that the regional intelligence agencies would do nothing in their favor, but badly use them against their own families.
They should never hear from malicious circles and shouldn’t be deceived by terrorist networks, as the main aim of them are only to destroy our country and make effort to defame Afghanistan worldwide as a country with terrorist hideouts.
Meanwhile, the US new president had announced his country’s continued stay with Afghanistan and expressed support to an improved local governance.
The house of people, with the new phase of its work, should struggle for not allowing any interference among the lawmakers and help keep national unity stable, as the move would help corruption, which is one of the main factors behind growing insurgency in the country, eliminated.
If the country’s House of Representatives takes firm steps against all inner disorders and some division, it could successfully overcome all challenges and represent a nation waiting for reforms and development in their country.

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