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Frustrated with neighbor, Afghanistan to airlift stranded Afghans

Frustrated with neighbor, Afghanistan to airlift stranded Afghans

 After long wait and disappointing border closure, the country’s ambassador to Islamabad has asked government to shift Afghans stranded in Pakistan back to the country, after deadly terrorist attacks took lives of tens of Pakistani citizens last month.

Expressing grave displeasure over what he said a disappointing speedy reopening of the two countries’ crossing points, the ambassador reportedly lamented that ‘the border couldn’t be reopened even after his demand from Pakistan Premier, during a multinational conference.’
According to report, Ambassador Zakhilwal, in his meeting with Pakistani foreign affairs advisor asked him to a least reopen the gate for those Afghans remained stranded in Pakistan, but Pakistani officials claimed the border was open for the Afghans leaving Pakistan.
Long unreasonable border closure which is against all norms of trade and transit and neighborhood, would never have any explanation except to harm the ordinary Afghans.
Besides inflicting heavy difficulties on the families with patients to leave for treatment in Pakistan, both countrys’ trade and transit route’s closure has gone in direct contradiction to the ECO summit’s themes and messages.
The country’s ambassador raised the issue with the Pakistan’s military and civil leadership, but no justification has so far been provided in this field.
Likewise, Pakistan’s lawmakers of southwestern Balochistan expressing concern over the growing protests from Afghanistan over the blockade of the two countries borders, have called for immediate reopening of the border crossings in Chaman and Torkham.
Also, report quoted the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa ruling party chief has asked Pakistan and Afghanistan to enter dialogue for resolution of issues, including the border blockade. 
Nothing was seen tangible to help be waiting for a positive development in Pakistan, as soon as after the deadly Shrine incident, some other deadly terrorist activities took place in other points of the neighboring country, despite Pakistan’s pretext the decision was taken to stop terrorists from crossing that country. 
Both Afghan (Torkham and Spinboldak) borders with Pakistan was immediately closed and manned by hundreds of military and security personnel and equipped with checking infrastructures, but terrorists with safe sanctuaries inside the neighboring soil influenced other areas and could target innocent people, but the borders still remained shut.
On the other side, over 20,000 Afghan families on Pak visa, with critically ailing members, majority of them poor, have been waiting behind the border to may their plight be received and heard by the Pakistan’s leadership to reopen the border, are now stuck on the inner side.
Meanwhile, according to reports, many Afghans are being apprehended by Pakistan security officials each day, under the pretext of connection to the terrorist networks, while terrorists’ hideouts are all in the neighboring country, from where they are trained, equipped and sent to Afghanistan.
So, the political tensions between the two countries should be restricted to their leadership and the issue of migrants who had been recently politicalized by Pakistan shouldn’t be continued and the demand of common Afghans should be heard by both governments to help them either visit each one’s countries or take their patients for medical treatment in the neighboring country.
 Airlifting the stranded Afghans, however can reflect an awful picture, but the government of Afghanistan has to do this, as the ambassador said there was no loophole of hope to be waiting for soon reopening of the crossing points.

Source : Frustrated with neighbor, Afghanistan to airlift stranded Afghans

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