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NSF heavy blow to Taliban’s militancy

NSF heavy blow to Taliban’s militancy

 The Afghan Defense and National Security Forces (ANDSF) have established an iron obstacle before terror, defend their people dignity, honor and homeland with sacrifice of their body and are involved serving the people day and night in summer and winter in remote areas of their beloved homeland.

The believe and confidence to key role of ANSF have been created from their bravery and sacrifices in defense of the country and foiling the plots of enemies, where the people and country have been engraved and sheltered, and Afghans don’t hesitate to bow against ANSF steadfastness, bravery and firm determination in war on terror.
In a fresh air strike conducted on Sunday as part of Afghan security forces’ operation, Mullah Abdul Salam, the Taliban commander and shadow governor for Kunduz, along with four other militants were killed, where no civilians were hurt or killed in the operation. 
The slain Taliban commander was responsible for inflicting “immeasurable suffering” on the population of Kunduz and his affiliates destroyed bridges as well as key infrastructures in the area despite claims they would protect civilians and property. Mullah Salam and the Taliban fighters under him murdered and terrorized the people of Kunduz for too long. Salam’s death is an opportunity for change, and The Taliban know the only path forward is reconciliation.
The insurgent commander was the most senior Taliban figure eliminated since the group’s chief, Mullah Akhtar Mansoor, was killed in a U.S. drone strike in May 2016 while he was traveling through neighboring Pakistan’s Baluchistan province.
The recent strike n Kunduz will definitely prove that military means would really prove to be influential to discourage Taliban’s insurgency. It is very important to show strength against Taliban and other insurgents, as they are not ready to stop war and come to negotiation table. 
Addressing a ceremony marking the day of Afghan Defense and National Security Forces, President Ghani praised security forces and said this land is independent as a result of ANSF sacrifices, assuring that the country would be kept sovereign for thousands of years.
According to the president, two years ago, majority of people thought the government would collapse and the system would destroy very soon, but such predictions were proven wrong because Afghans, particularly the Afghan security forces, love their country.
“I will just mention some incidents, Mullah Salam, the leader of a terrorist gang was killed along with its entire group in Kunduz province, there are no more threats to the north and northeastern regions,” the president said, adding in other parts of the world, technology runs aircrafts, but in Afghanistan, the pilots run aircrafts that are out of work.
If Taliban and other insurgents intend to continue threatening Afghans through carrying out cowardly attacks, Afghan forces are required to respond in an aggressive manner so that they realize their blunders and such act would have lasting impact on the overall insurgency that has been launched by the militants.

Source : NSF heavy blow to Taliban’s militancy

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