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Afghanistan assures not to change into battlefield

Afghanistan assures not to change into battlefield

 Since the last more than three decades of destructive wars in Afghanistan, the ministry of national defense for the first time observed Hoot 9 coinciding Feb 27 to appreciate the efforts of the country’s security forces.

Nascent, but highly experienced and proud of defending national sovereignty and the country’s territorial integrity, the national army marked its national day at a ceremony held at the Kabul Military Airport, with President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani attending and delivering historical speech.
Amid growing tension between Afghanistan and Pakistan over the recent bloody incidents carried out by terrorist operational inside the neighboring country, the president rejected any accusations, if Afghanistan was the hideout for terrorist elements.
He said that Afghanistan was and would remain for hundreds of years to come, an independent country and would never be a threat to any other nations.
The president addressing the great ceremony attended by some high ranking government officials including national security advisor, Hanif Atmar and other military officials, the president assured his country would never change into battlefield and a threat to other countries and warned those seeking their interest in such a heinous goal would be buried with their wishes.
Meanwhile the efforts of the security forces in war on terror and defending the country’s borders was widely lauded, with the recent forces’ success to suppress the enemy’s momentum and eliminate the so-called governor of the Taliban group for Kunduz province.   
As witnessed, for the past more than 15 years of the country’s security forces establishment, Afghanistan has been in the frontline of war against extremists and terrorists with financial source outside the border.
Terrorists with all their apparatus failed to resist the security forces despites being highly financed, trained, equipped and sent to Afghanistan for disturbing security of the war-weary nation.
In the past few weeks, Pakistan witnessed deadly attacks from terrorists hidden inside the neighboring country’s soil, with elements seeking safe havens in the country’s border provinces.
The incident left scores of innocent pilgrims dead and dozens hurt, with the ensuing similar terrorists attacks that killed many, including security forces and civilians in the neighboring country. 
In the aftermath of the terrorist activities, Pakistan took unconsidered measure to close Torkham border to hundreds of Afghans with critical illness and trade convoy, which is against the World Trade Organization (WTO) norms to which, both countries are committed as the members.
This came while Pakistan leaders are consecutively condemning terrorism and extremism as common enemies of the two countries and persist for launching joint war against.
So, there is a need for joint efforts and close coordination between the two countries to fight the absolute and irreconcilable enemy, instead of going to numerous pretexts that would only fuel tension between the two sides, rather to tackle any problem.
None of the two neighbors should become threat center and battlefield against each other, rather should remain peaceful atmosphere for the two brother nations.  

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