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MoHE To Review Lecturers’ Higher Education Documents

MoHE To Review Lecturers’ Higher Education Documents

Kabul (BNA) The Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) has recently declared to review the private universities’ lecturers’ higher education documents.
Lauding the ministry of higher education step, a number of culturists said, ‘the ministry should also pave the ground for those high-degree graduated university students to be recruited in the A university lecturer, Saifuddin Saihoun told that however many Afghan lecturers are unemployed, but enrollment rate of foreign teachers in private universities has increased. The government and private universities should pave the ground for higher education to any Afghan and among them, the best ones should be recruited in universities after graduation so to prevent recruiting foreign teachers in higher education institutes, Saihoun further said. Currently, in some higher education institutes, the students are absent for long, but after the period ends, they receive diploma and being recruited as teachers. If the ministry of higher education doesn’t prevent such action, there will not be any cadre in the country in future. The program will be implemented on those teachers who have been recruited in the country’s government and private universities, as the higher education documents of some of them have been proved ‘fake’.
Some people believe that in consider with universities’ international convention programs, the private higher education institutes have the right to recruit foreign teachers, but based on their eligibility and talent not their higher education documents. Welcoming the step of the ministry for higher education, a private university student, Ahmad Syar said, ‘those teachers teaching in our university are experienced and we are satisfied with their teaching method.’ At the same time, Mohammad Kamawal, head of MoHE’s private universities said, ‘some foreign teachers who have been recruited in Afghanistan’s higher education institutes are mostly those who couldn’t be recruited as an ordinary employee in their countries.’ Minister of higher education, Farida Momand said that she was making effort to invite those Afghan teachers teaching in foreign countries’ universities to Afghanistan. She added that with implementation of the mentioned programs, Afghanistan’s higher education level will be similar to regional countries’ universities. In a report released recently, none of Afghanistan’s universities have been among one thousand world universities. Currently, there are 120 private higher education universities and 36 government ones operational throughout the country. Last year, the ministry of higher education has enrolled 58,310 students in government universities and about 45000 students in private universities.
Shukria Kohistani

Source : MoHE To Review Lecturers’ Higher Education Documents

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